Solar System Installation Services

Invest strategically. Generate power. Maximize returns.

We maximize the return on your investment by providing dwelling-specific solar system design and solar system installation services to achieve optimal power output. Our teams will thoroughly discuss the basic economics of embracing solar power, the various options for design, and steps required during the project life cycle.  We are committed to ensure our clients make a well-informed decision about their solar investment.

Benefits of Choosing Solar Power

The adoption of solar power offers benefits to all consumers – whether motivations are economic, environmental, or personal. Following are some of the top reasons why solar energy is more popular than ever for both commercial and residential properties that are deciding to, ‘Go Solar’.

#1  Reduce or Eliminate Electric Bills

#2  Return on Your Investment (ROI)

#3  Protect Against Rising Energy Costs


Solar Panel Installation & Design

Renergy Solar maximizes the return on your solar investment by designing and installing customized solar panel systems that achieve optimal power output. Our teams of experienced professionals discuss the benefits of embracing solar power, the various options for design, and steps required during the project life cycle.

Renergy Solar Installations provides options. We install systems on carports, as well as ground mounted systems, and awning roof tops. During your consultation we provide honest information. We want for you to make an informed decision when you decide to go solar.


Your Solar System Installation Company

Renergy Solar does not use third-party sales. You will interact, from beginning to end, with one of the company owners who strive to educate clients
throughout the process.



  • Your solar system is designed to achieve your personal energy goals.
  • We manage all Home Owner Associate requirements from submission to approval.
  • We submit all required documents to City Code Compliance before installation.


  • We submit required documents to the utility to initiate your rebate.
  • We request inspection and host the inspector so you need not worry about it.
  • Our services include setting-up your monitoring system.

Getting Started

Before we design your residential or commercial solar system, we will ask for:

  1. 12 months of Electric Bills
  2. Minimum of 30 minutes to discuss the basics of solar and your energy goals 

With your electric bills and other information regarding your home and expectations, an experienced engineer will design your solar system. When the design is complete, we will submit it to the city and utility company. The engineers at the utility company will cross-check the design plans and ensure everything is up to code.


Get financed to go solar.

Financing is an option that helps Texas residents switch to solar power and begin saving on Day 1. Get financed within minutes online and from the privacy of your home or business.


Renergy's Solar Panel Installation Incentives

Solar Rebates

Rebates may be offered by local utilities.

Tax Credits

Receive potential residential and commercial tax credits.


25 year warranty coverage on all projects.

See What Our Solar Customers Have to Say

"Gary and his team did an amazing job. Love the quality of work, design and communication. Highly recommended!"
Sylvia & Tim Montgomery
"The Renergy Solar representative was very helpful during the entire process. Gary provided informative answers to all of my questions. He took care of everything, and kept me informed throughout the process."
KMW New Braunfels
"Renergy had an amazing customer service. They went above and beyond what I expected and gave me answers to all my questions."
Jacob Babich

Solar-101 eBook

Discover the simple, affordable way to reduce your monthly electricity bills with solar energy. Inside this easy-to-read eBook you will find tips to improve your energy efficiency and solar FAQ. Obtain, at no charge, your eBook today.

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